Get more quality time with your loved ones

with apps designed to play and learn together during video calls





Family Time App

Read a bedtime story from the office when you work late.

Video call home to eat together, draw or play chess or tic-tac-toe with your loved ones.





More family for

story time with grandparents







Sharing books is great for teachers too

Schools can bring experts to their classrooms to inspire students with

books, maps and a collaborative whiteboard during video calls.

















Kids learn through free play

that is why touch screen devices are the new digital toys


A new phenomenon has emerged the "pass-back effect"
where parents hand smartphones to their young kids.

Our apps are fun and safe for kids. All the content is curated and age-appropriate with no adult ads or in-app purchases.







Our apps are designed for long distance families

Developed by experts, tested by kids and approved by moms and dads

who spend time apart and use video calls to stay in touch with their loved ones.

About us

Quality Time Lab develops apps that bring people together.

We are guided by a simple philosophy, to use technology to improve people's lives.


Touchscreen devices are
natural interfaces for kids.
New safe and fun digital toys.

"Children learn by using their hands"- Montesory
"Creativity is as important
in education as literacy"
- Sir Ken Robinson

Free play sparks kids' imagination,
with gender neutral activities to

share and connect with loved ones
and inspire big dreams.

We solve a common problem

We live apart more than ever and use technology to stay in touch with kids - but it's not easy.


Long distance families

Contact methods

Video calls

We noticed it was hard for kids

to stay focused on family video calls

Most of our friends had the same problem. Kids lose attention after a few seconds and grandparents get frustrated. So we decided to find a solution.


Our book, "How to video call with children, for seniors" was publised in 2012 to help families engage better during video calls.









Treasure extra time together

Would you like the kids to spend more time focussed on video calls with grandma?

You can make it fun for kids with activities and treasure extra precious time together.

Safe for children

Quality Time is safe, multi-platform, and designed for sharing


The Quality Time Company Scorecard was developed with oversight from a panel of children experts from leading busines, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions.

Our focus on experiential free play, non-gendered, inclusive and caring activities is COPPA compliant and designed to support the skillsets of the 21st century.



Contact us

We would love to hear your story and how you use our apps

please email us at info@qualitytimelab.com or visit support.qualitytimelab.com



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